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Lunch and Dinner Specials  3/18-3/23

guinness and mustard braised corned beef and cabbage with potatoes, served with horseradish cream 9

kimchi jijigae: korean pork and cabbage stew over rice 8

spicy saag paneer with coconut-cumin rice and pappadams 7

polish dill pickle soup cup 4 bowl 6

Lunch and Dinner Specials  3/11-3/16

chicken paprikash with peas, mushrooms, potatoes over eggs noodles, served with beet citrus salad 8

ruby’s tempeh reuben with sauerkraut, 1000 island, swiss cheese, on marbled rye with home made dill potato chips 8

dongpo rou: shainghai-style sugarcane and star anise braised pork belly served over steamed vegetable rice with lapchong and chinese bacon, baby bok choy and black mushroom, served with cucumber salad 9

spring vegetable and egg noodle soup in ginger-soy broth bowl 6

chicken, sausage and seafood gumbo with white rice and scallions cup 5 bowl 7



sichuan hot pepper chicken served on romaine lettuce, with shallot-ginger chicken rice, garnished with crushed peanuts (optional), and served with sichuan pickled cabbage 10

miso-peanut sauce braised kale and collards with tofu and broccoli, over jasmine rice, served with pickled ginger carrots 9

lamb schwarma sandwich on pita with lebanese pickles and baba ganoush 8

beef borscht with veal stock, winter root vegetables, garnished with horseradish-dill sour cream and parsley-coriander sauce, served with pumpernickel toast 7

rich and creamy potato-corn chowder, with charred tomato-corn relish 6

kalamata olive-roasted garlic-preserved lemon hummus and pita 5


bo kho: vietnamese anatto and lemongrass beef stew, served with french bread and cabbage pickle 10

caribbean-style black-eyed peas, kale and sweet potato braised in coconut milk and jerk spices, over rice, served with cornbread and curtido-pickled cabbage salad 9

italian braised chicken thighs in tomato, zucchini and eggplant, over linguine, served with brussels sprouts roasted with anchovy-lemon butter, and garlic bread 11

wonton soup: pork and vegetable dumplings in chicken-shrimp stock with garnishes 6


KFC: korean fried chicken in a spicy-sweet sauce, with steamed vegetables and jasmine rice, green kimchi, and soy-pickled jalapenos 12

garlic-lime roasted pork shoulder with chipotle-preserved lime black beans and jasmine rice, fried plantain chips, and roasted poblano crema 10

kerala masala curry of cauliflower, peas, and potatoes over jasmine rice (vegan) 8

italian wedding soup: delicate beef and pork meatballs, spinach, and pearled pasta in rich chicken stock 7

sweet and spicy carrot and sweet potato soup (vegan) 6

vietnamese cabbage salad with habanero-preserved lime nuoc cham 4


country benedict: seared ham, wilted spinach, and poached eggs on a buttermilk biscuit, topped with red eye gravy 8

hot spinach salad with bacon dijon dressing, topped with boiled eggs and served with french bread 7

mushrooms sauteed with shallots and onions, over creamy grits, with griddled tomatoes and two eggs any style 8

breakfast sandwich on biscuit or toast, with choice of meat and eggs any style 5

the luther: breakfast sandwich on a donut 6


chicken and waffles with pepper jelly 8

baby kale, crab, and brie omelet 9

dr pepper pulled pork breakfast sandwich on jalapeno-cheddar biscuit 8

fried wings rolled in crystal hot sauce and pepper jelly, served with goat cheese dressing and hand-cut fries 6 piece for 8, 8 piece for 10

breakfast sandwich with choice of meat, eggs and cheese, on toast or biscuit 5

the luther: breakfast sandwich on a donut 6

biscuit and mushroom gravy 5, add eggs for 1

Specials for 12/17-12/22

beef and pork meatball parm, in basil marinara, with provolone cheese garlic-chile oil, on binder bread 8

alu dum: nepalese potato, tomato, peas and yogurt curry, with gwarmari (spiced fried dough puffs) and cucumber-tomato salad 8

thick and rich chicken pot pie stew with stuffing crisps 7

creamy tomato-fennel soup 6

Specials for 12/10-12/15

chicken-fried seitan with mashed potatoes and country gravy and garlicky green beans 9

ja jiang noodles: pulled noodles in braised pork, fermented soybean, and tofu sauce 7

vegetable and pork wonton soup in shrimp-chicken broth 7

pulled noodle and wonton soup combo plate 12

broccoli-cheddar soup 6

preserved lemon and roasted garlic hummus with pita chips 5

kale and paprika pickled mushroom salad 4

Specials for 12/3 to 12/8


thai coconut and chicken soup with jasmine rice 7

sweet and spicy curried sweet potato and carrot coconut milk soup 6

italian chicken and salami braised in eggplant-tomato-olive-caper sauce with carmelized vegetables, served over herbed polenta with a side organic green salad (champagne-garlic vinaigrette) 10

kale and white bean potage served over creamy polenta with side organic green salad (fermented satsuma vinaigrette) 8

ume plum and sesame rubbed kale salad 4