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Specials for 12/3 to 12/8


thai coconut and chicken soup with jasmine rice 7

sweet and spicy curried sweet potato and carrot coconut milk soup 6

italian chicken and salami braised in eggplant-tomato-olive-caper sauce with carmelized vegetables, served over herbed polenta with a side organic green salad (champagne-garlic vinaigrette) 10

kale and white bean potage served over creamy polenta with side organic green salad (fermented satsuma vinaigrette) 8

ume plum and sesame rubbed kale salad 4

Lunch and Dinner Specials 9/24-9/29

carne adovado: red chile-braised pork tacos with crema and queso fresca 1 for 3, 3 for 7

yum jin gai: northern thai-style hot and sour chicken soup 6

cauliflower salad with toasted almonds, currants, fried capers, parsley, in a preserved lemon vinaigrette 3

chinese broccoli with pickled ginger-garlic-soy dressing 3

waiting for an annual inspection

Just so you don’t think we went off on a tropical vacation right after we opened: we are waiting to re-open until our kitchen at Lava Supermarket gets its required and overdue annual inspection. We aren’t exactly sure when that will be, we hope it will be by this weekend. We’re very excited to get back to making food for you as soon as we can!

Our re-opening menu

KITCHEN NEWS: I am very excited to announce, we have one again! 1410 N. Broad St, in the Lava store. We take over the space today, and then after we’re all cleaned up and set up, we will open. We anticipate this will be next Thursday, barring anything unforeseen. It sure took us a long time to find a new place and I am really happy with this spot we’ve found, near to Domino Sound record store, the new Pagoda cafe, McHardy’s Chicken, and lots of other neat stuff. Tallulah’s #2! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here is our opening menu: