We already know that no matter what body type you have, when it comes to choosing the dream swimsuit, we can all look fabulous. Beauty is attitude and if you have it … you will surely feel incredible! Follow this guide on bikini types and how to choose the best one for your body. Visit and buy some bikini here at Biquini.

Bikini types: How to choose according to your body in 2021?

In winter we count the days for the temperatures to rise and finally enjoy the sun. And now that we have it, it’s important to enjoy it! How about a pool day? Let’s do it!

But first, we need a new swimsuit! What type of swimsuit is your favorite?

To buy the perfect bikini, the first thing you must know is your body and enhance your strengths to get the most out of it. What should you keep in mind? First, try to choose a model that leaves the least amount of marks on the skin when sunbathing.

On the other hand, bet on trendy designs, monochrome or full prints according to the color of your skin and take into consideration the following parts of your body to play with new full trend designs.

How to choose a bikini according to your body?

Your chest

To choose the bikini or a full swimsuit it is essential to keep an eye on the chest.

Large chest: A perfect option with which you will feel very comfortable is the bikini with an arched top, a bra style or an incredible V-shaped neckline. In your case, it is better to avoid triangles and if it comes to choosing colors, bet on matte colors, intense reds and avoid pastel tones. Do the test!

Mid-chest: You are in the middle of choosing how to feel more comfortable! You can choose between a triangle top as it will make you a very nice neckline or a bikini with full details.

Small chest: If you have little, you can choose -without a doubt- a model with a heart-shaped neckline and push up. If you like originality when dressing, you can also opt for designs with ruffles, ruffles or ruffles on top. They are beautiful!

The prints can also help you generate a visual game that will enhance your chest, shoulders and hips, therefore, you will look spectacular. Also bet on wider or halter straps to give dimension to your upper body.

Your hips

Don’t hide your hips, use them to frame your sensational body. Remember that certain shapes and colors allow us to play with them optically and accentuate them.

If you have a lot of hips or wide hips, wear a bikini bottom in dark tones and without a print, this will bring the attention to your upper body. To generate the opposite effect, and accentuate your butt, you can choose a bikini or swimsuit with ribbons on the sides or ruffles to enhance this area, or playful prints in fluorescent or bright colors. High briefs are ultra recommended for you.

Your waist

In general, a prominent waist leads to accentuated curves that allow us to play a lot with the design and color, if on the contrary you have more developed the abdominal area, resort to two-piece bikinis with a higher bottom, a high waist or a One-piece swimsuit with reinforced fabric. If you feel like you don’t have a waist, play optically with swimsuits that include accessories such as bows, ruffles and fringes.

Your height

From a design point of view, for girls with short stature it is always recommended a one-piece swimsuit or a bikini with high pants as they automatically stylize and lengthen your legs. Select smooth, solid colors and avoid prints.

Now if you adore them and you can’t say no! Choose simple and small graphics. If you are tall, the odds of wearing a two-piece swimsuit are very high. A resounding yes!

Your skin

According to your skin tone:

White skin: Opt for colors like turquoise blue, olive green or rosewood, and avoid white bikinis.

Mixed skin: Bet on patterns, flowers, stripes and striking colors. You will look sensational!

Brown skin: Dare with white, with fluorescent colors or that attract attention.