July 17, 2024


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Garage Door Repair – Simple Tips to Help You Do it Repair Quickly

Do you need Garage door repair? If you have read any articles on garage door repair, you would know that there is a wide variety of springs and mounting devices available to fix your door problems. In this article, you will learn that there is another type of garage door spring that you can use to add a whole new look to your door without spending any extra money. This garage door spring repair device is called the torsion spring. In addition to repairing your garage door, this simple garage door spring can also be used to add functionality and power to your garage.

There are many kinds of torsion springs designed to counterbalance the entire garage door opening system. Torsion springs are usually the cheapest solution for garage door repair. Extension and torsion springs are the most popular. The main piece of knowledge that can help you determine which springs are right for you is:

The winding system of garage door springs

The winding system of garage door springs is made of two cables, one winding on the top side and one winding on the bottom side. These cables are connected at their terminals by bolts. When you are doing garage door spring repair, all you have to do is unscrew the bolts and separate the cables from each other. It is essential that you not pull or tear the cables themselves because it can cause the wires to break. If possible, turn the screw counterclockwise to loosen the bolts, then slowly ease them out.

When you have removed the first winding bar from the second winding bar, place the first winding bar across the opening between the two cables, then set the second winding bar across the opposite direction of the first winding bar. You will notice that the springs’ tension is now between the tension nuts and the second winding bar. Turn both tension nuts clockwise to loosen the bolts, then slowly but firmly pull the bolts out of the door frame.

After you have done this:

  1. Install the two new windings in the door and the two tension nuts.
  2. Make sure that they are installed so that they are appropriately aligned.
  3. Test the springs to ensure that they work as they should. If any of the springs start to squeak when they are being tested, then chances are you may have a problem with your cables, so you should immediately replace the springs.

When you have installed the new springs and the tension nuts, tighten the retaining ring on the shaft. Then attach the shaft to the torsion shaft, and snug it down very tight. Tighten it enough that the springs will not be able to move about, but not so tight that the cable won’t be able to move either. When the garage door is closed, the winding cone’s tension will force the wires to move back and forth along the torsion shaft, keeping the door closed and the garage door in place. Now, you should always use the same set of springs, and you should also make sure that the cables are screwed on tightly.