If you have issues with astigmatism, you can rest assured because you will reduce the chance of severe issues by finding proper contacts that will help you. However, the question we wish to ask is whether you can use colored ones for astigmatism.

The answer is: yes, you can get colored contact lenses for this particular issue, but keep in mind that you will have a limited selection compared with non-prescription options. At the same time, everything depends on the severity of astigmatism, among other things.

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You can easily choose soft lenses for astigmatism that are also known as toric lenses. They come with low weight, which means that they will not cause interference with your eye and provide you with both clear and crisp vision with ease.

On the other hand, you can also consider standard colored lenses that come in various tins such as:

  • Opaque – This particular type of contact can provide you with entirely different eye colors. Even if you have brown eyes, you can make them green or blue depending on your preferences.
  • Enhancement – Similarly, as the name suggests, these ones can enhance your natural color, which is an essential consideration that will make you look more appealing than before.

Since toric colored ones come with limited options, you will have fewer chances to get proper color choice than people with farsightedness or nearsightedness.

Other Ways to Get Color Contacts for Astigmatism


If you wish to get color contacts, you will consider other options to improve your appearance, among other things.

For instance, you can choose astigmatism correction, which will help you reduce it below a threshold. That way, you can improve your vision, which means you will not need new lenses or other eyewear. 

However, if you have a high correction, which means that your cylinder number is more significant than 0.75, you will have fewer available choices. 

You cannot find a wide array of colored contacts from the latest materials and can provide you with the desired effect for high astigmatism values.

Instead, you can go to LASIK treatment for astigmatism, which will help you remove it altogether. That way, you can use non-prescription contacts afterward, which will improve your appearance without correcting your vision.

Are Colored Contact Lenses for Astigmatism Safe?

When it comes to astigmatism lenses, you should know that the dye used to make them is not healthy for eyes in general. The dye will cut down the amount of oxygen that will go through it, which means that you will not experience the same safety and comfort level as tinted ones.

On the other hand, some ophthalmologists state that tinted contact lenses are safer. Still, you can wear them for a few weeks and up to a month because they can get dirty, feature less oxygen, which may lead to infection unless you change them frequently.

Daily tinted lenses are the safest for our eyes; however, it is challenging to find them for people that have astigmatism. 

Everything depends on the health issue you are experiencing, but tinted are great because they are designed to change your eye color without affecting the entire eye.

Therefore, most of them tend to use a small amount of dye that will not affect your eyes’ safety and health, which is an essential consideration you should remember.

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Things to Consider When Buying Colored Contacts for Astigmatism 

We have mentioned above that you can find numerous options for colored ones, especially if you have astigmatism. However, it would be best if you researched a bit before you make up your mind.

The first thing you should do is look around and determine all options available on the market, which will help you narrow a search down and find the ones that will meet your needs and preferences.

Remember that colored lenses come from less modern and old materials, especially if you have severe astigmatism. Therefore, these materials will affect the oxygen levels your eyes get, leading to dry eyes and other problems.

That is the main reason why you should consult with a professional before you make up your mind. That way, you can choose wisely the ones that will not affect the health of your eyes.