December 11, 2023


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Pavada Davani For Pongal: Timeless And Traditional

This is the time that all of India looks forward to since it is the time for the major harvest festival of India. While it is known by different names in different parts of India, this harvest festival is widely known as Sankranti in the northern part of India and goes by the name of Pongal in South India, especially Tamil Nadu. This festival is one of the oldest celebrated festivals and due to its rich history, is highly awaited by most Indians.

Down South, Pongal is celebrated in quite a traditional way and this can be witnessed from the way people dress up on this day. Following traditional rules and rituals on Pongal has given birth to a distinct code of fashion especially meant for this festival. Men go for traditional Dhoti and Angavastram while women look beautiful in traditional Half Sarees, otherwise known as Pavada Davani. Irrespective of the fashionable outfits that women flaunt throughout the year, on this festival every South Indian woman prefers to opt for a Pavada Davani over any other outfit. Pavada Davani or the Half Saree is more or less South India’s answer to Lehenga Choli or Ghagra Choli that is so prevalent in North and Western India. The respect and consciousness that women in South India harbor towards their rich culture is a major reason that the custom of wearing Pavada Davani is still kept alive. This traditional outfit that was worn by women even centuries back has undergone little change and still continues to retain it is original design. Half Sarees are made of rich and lustrous silks and feature resplendent intricate zari woven pattern along the hem. Pavada Davani includes a skirt or a Ghagra which is paired with a blouse or Choli and a Dupatta. The Dupatta is draped in a similar way to the Pallu of a Saree and this is the prime reason as to why it resembles a Saree and is called a Half Saree.