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The Best Skin Care Routine Order For Younger-Looking Skin — The Beauty Block

The Best Skin Care Routine Order For Younger-Looking Skin — The Beauty Block

Do you ever buy a new skin care product and find yourself wondering when exactly you’re supposed to apply it? Do you then spend a ridiculous amount of time online trying to research the best way to use your skin care products? If this sounds like you, you’re not alone! And we’re here to offer a little guidance. Because if you don’t use an effective skin care routine order, your products may not be working at their full potential

With so much information about skin care on the internet, it’s easy to feel lost when it comes to application. Are you supposed to use spot treatments before or after moisturizing? Should you use toner in the morning and at night? While the answer to these questions may seem like a no-brainer to some, the correct skin care routine order may actually surprise you. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the most effective skin care routine order. 

Why Does My Skin Care Routine Order Matter?

skin care products for routineIf you want your products to be as effective as possible, it’s essential to apply them in a certain order. If you layer your products in an incorrect way, they can cancel each other out. Meaning, not only are they unable to penetrate your skin’s barrier, but you could be wasting product, too. However, if you follow a specific skin care routine order, you’ll notice a serious improvement in the look and feel of your skin. Because when your products are able to penetrate your skin’s barrier and work from the inside out, you’ll be left with the healthy-looking, youthful glow you deserve.

To get the most out of your skin care, a good rule of thumb to follow during your routine is to apply your products from the thinnest to the thickest consistency. This will allow each product to easily absorb into your skin while you layer them on. And it’s super easy to follow!

The Most Effective Skin Care Routine Order:

Now that you know
why you should apply your skin care products in the right order, it’s time to put it into practice! Even if you think you already know the right order to apply your products, it’s always nice to have a little reminder of what works best. Here’s the most effective skin care routine order:

Step 1: Cleanse Your Face

The first step in any skin care routine is to cleanse your skin. Using a cleanser will not only remove any dirt or excess oil on your face, but it helps you maintain a more radiant, younger-looking appearance too. In fact, regularly using a cleanser can help with circulation in your skin, allowing it to fight visible signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles.

Along with clearing your face of any unwanted dirt and grime, using an effective cleanser can also:

  • Help balance your skin’s pH for a clearer, smoother complexion
  • Clear your pores to allow your skin care products to penetrate deeper
  • Boost moisture in your skin for a more hydrated look and feel

step 1 skin care routineNow, there are many different types of cleansers you can choose from. But if you want a healthy, youthful-looking appearance, we recommend
Youth Rejuvenating Cleanser. Its pH-balanced formula works to deeply cleanse your skin without dehydrating it — helping you maintain more radiant, younger-looking skin. Not to mention, it gently removes dead skin cells, supports the look of skin firmness, and helps reduce the appearance of puffiness. 

Pro tip: when using a cleanser, move your fingers in a circular motion to help the product effectively remove any impurities from your skin. This will not only help increase circulation, but it will hydrate your skin as well. Also, it’s important to remember to gently pat your face dry after rinsing the cleanser from your skin. Remember, even if you don’t wear makeup every day, you should still cleanse your face daily to remove the day’s sunscreen, excess oil, and dirt.  

Step 2: Tone Your Skin

The next step in an effective skin care routine is to use a toner. Despite what you may have heard about
toners in the past, the lightweight product does not strip your skin. In fact, when used after your cleanser, facial toners are super beneficial. They can help increase hydration in your skin, soften its texture, and further remove any impurities your cleanser may have missed. 

In addition to these benefits, an effective toner is also known to:

  • “Tighten” pores to better protect your skin’s barrier
  • Help diminish the look of breakouts for an overall clearer appearance
  • Refresh your skin for a more radiant, youthful look

tips for using tonerWhen shopping for a toner to add to your skin care routine, it’s essential to know what will work best for you and your skin. So, if you have dry skin, it’s best to use a product that contains
antioxidants and other plant extracts that help increase moisture. If you have oily skin, you should opt for a toner formulated with niacinamide and ceramides. And if you’re someone with sensitive skin, you should look for skin-soothing ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E.

Pro tip: no matter what skin type you have, you should always try to avoid alcohol-based toners. Not only can they remove essential moisture from your skin, but they can also damage your barrier — making you more susceptible to visible signs of aging, like sagging skin and wrinkles. 

Step 3: Treat Any Problem Areas

The third step in your skin care routine is to treat any problem areas you may have with serums, creams, or other effective treatments. While some people might think of this step as “optional,” it truly is essential for getting back to the glowing, healthy-looking skin of your youth. 

If you’re looking for age-fighting products to add to your routine, here are a few options that will leave you with the younger-looking skin of your dreams:

UpLift Firming Serum

Made with concentrated ingredients designed to help visibly tighten and hydrate skin,
UpLift Firming Serum will take you back to the firmer, smoother-looking complexion of your youth. It’s fast-acting, long-lasting, and helps “lift” your skin’s appearance in as little as 30 minutes. Not to mention, the serum is especially great for minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Advanced Eye Cream

Another effective skin care product you should add to your regimen is
Advanced Eye Cream. The rich formula targets dark under-eye bags and wrinkles for a brighter, more youthful appearance. It also boosts your skin’s hydration for an overall plumper look and feel. Advanced Eye Cream even uses diamond powder to smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles, so you never have to worry about aging eyes again. 

Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector 

One last skin treatment you should apply during step three of your skin care routine is
Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector. Not only does it target hyperpigmentation and discoloration on your face, but it works great on your hands and neck, too. The fast-acting serum also helps visibly brighten your complexion and even out your skin tone for a more radiant, healthy-looking appearance.  

Pro tip: no matter which skin treatments you decide to use during this step, remember to always use products that are catered towards you and your skin care needs. Because when you use targeted skin care that helps you look and feel your best, you’ll be left with the overall youthful glow you’ve been looking for.

tips for serums

Step 4: Moisturize Your Skin

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard this over and over again. But keeping your skin moisturized is essential to maintaining a younger-looking appearance. And that’s why step 4 in your skin care routine is one you
cannot skip. Moisturizers not only keep your skin looking hydrated and plump, but they promote a smooth, soft, and supple complexion, too. 

Along with keeping your skin moisturized, using an effective face lotion or cream every single day has many added benefits, like:

  • Targeting dry areas or patches to keep skin looking and feeling soft and firm
  • Helping increase the look of skin elasticity for a more youthful appearance free from fine lines and wrinkles
  • Providing added protection against environmental aggressors

moisturizing for oily skinIf this sounds like something you aren’t getting from your current moisturizer, it might be time to try something new. So, if you’re in need of a moisturizer that can transform your skin, look no further than
Blue Defense HydroGel. Formulated to help “energize” your skin, this gel formula adds major hydration, helps your skin retain moisture, and even smooths the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Pro tip: to maximize the benefits of your moisturizer, you should try applying it during the first minute after you shower or cleanse your face. Applying the product to slightly damp skin can help lock in more moisture — further diminishing the look of dry spots while visibly brightening and smoothing your complexion overall, too. 

Step 5: Protect Your Face

Finally, the last step in your skin care routine is to protect your skin by applying
sunscreen, AKA the most essential skin care product for maintaining a youthful appearance. Using sunscreen on a daily basis is the key to healthy skin that’s free from visible signs of aging, like sunspots, sagging, and dryness. 

Wearing sunscreen is also known to:

  • Reduce the look of inflammation for a smoother, more even-toned complexion
  • Protect your skin against UV rays to decrease the risk of skin cancer
  • Diminish the look of discoloration and help prevent the development of hyperpigmentation

Pro tip: when using an effective sunscreen, you should not only apply it before initially going out in the sun — but you should re-apply it every two hours while you’re exposed as well. And if you’re applying foundation or other makeup after your skin care routine, it’s always a good idea to use products that contain SPF to ensure you’re fully covered.

Morning vs. Nighttime Skin Care

Now, it’s important to know the difference between morning and nighttime skin care routines. When you use the steps above each morning, your skin remains hydrated and protected throughout the day so your nightly skin care products can work effectively overnight. If you really want to ensure a younger-looking appearance, you need to implement both a morning
and nighttime skin care routine. 

skin care routine orderFor the most part, you can simply follow the same skin care routine order for morning and night. However, you’ll want to swap out some of your morning skin care products for their nighttime counterparts. For example, when you use a moisturizer on your face at night, you should opt for a targeted cream meant to boost your skin’s hydration when you sleep. And you should skip the sunscreen step altogether during your nighttime routine to ensure a clearer, healthier-looking appearance when you wake up in the morning.

If your nighttime skin care routine is in need of a little refreshing, there are many targeted products that can leave you with more radiant, younger-looking skin. Here are just a couple of options you can add to your routine now:

Dermal Reset Exfoliating Concentrate

One extra step you can add to your nighttime regimen is
Dermal Reset Exfoliating Concentrate. This gentle exfoliator will clear away dead skin cells and help reduce the look of dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles for a firmer, brighter appearance. For best results, use Dermal Reset on a nightly basis after your cleanser and toner. And your skin will thank you every morning for all the extra love. 

Intensive Night Serum 

If you want something extra to add to the treatment step of your routine,
Intensive Night Serum is a great option. Meant to support your skin’s natural repairing process, it works overnight to plump your skin’s appearance — leaving you with a smoother, younger look. You can use Intensive Night Serum every single night. Just make sure to let the product fully absorb into your skin before moving on to the next step in your routine. 

Microbiome Night Mask

Finally, a great option for the last step in your nighttime skin care routine is
Microbiome Night Mask. This sleeping mask can be used overnight to hydrate, smooth, and rejuvenate the look of your skin for a plumper, younger appearance. Simply apply a thin layer of the mask to your face before you head to bed and wash it off in the morning for soft and supple skin. Microbiome Night Mask can be used nightly on its own or layered on top of your other skin care products.

The Takeaway 

Needless to say, when you follow this skin care routine order, your products are able to do exactly what they’re formulated to do: leave you with the best-looking skin of your life. While it may not seem like a huge deal to use your products in a specific order, it’s actually much more effective than you might think. Because cleansing, treating, and moisturizing your skin in this order can help you maintain the youthful glow and healthy-looking skin you’ve been dreaming about. And that’s exactly what you deserve.

Do you already use your targeted skin care products in this order? Let us know in the comments below how well this routine works for you!