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The Fascinating Resort Spas In Asia: Your Perfect Wellness Retreat!

The Fascinating Resort Spas In Asia: Your Perfect Wellness Retreat!

“Ways of healing need no passports or borders”

This famous quote by Anthropologist Carroll Dunham aptly explains the unquestioned appeal of a spa in Asia in the minds of health and fitness enthusiasts globally. With the wellness retreat that spas in Asia are, more and more people all over the world are learning to make better choices for their beauty and well-being. Years of healing wisdom of the spa-experts and spiritual gurus make health and beauty spas in Asia a haven of natural and organic living. Situated among the tranquil, tropical splendor of the resorts of Thailand, Maldives among others, a spa in Asia, offering a medley of pampering body treatments, massages and other wellness therapies, provides an unforgettable experience for many.

The irresistible Asian spas at resorts and fabulous holiday getaways are based on the 5000 year-old oriental ayurvedic practices those are proved to give complete physical and spiritual healing. In this context, Dunham says, “The traditional systems of India, Tibet and Mongolia share the same basis of categorizing imbalances in the body by the three-element system of wind, fire, water-earth in contrast to the Chinese five element system”. Therefore, holistic ayurvedic treatment inside Asian health and beauty spas combines specific oils, herbs and traditional therapies to revitalize this three-element system and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul in the process.

With new and quirky spa treatments (including various signature treatments offered), they act as several ways to bring deeper healing beauty into people’s lives. Given the stress and strains of the bustling city life, thousands of urban people (mostly the urban professional ladies aged between 30 and 50) today are enjoying the ancient therapeutic treatments of the Asian spas that restore inner calm, aid memory, balance emotion and rejuvenate the body.

Signature treatments offered inside an Asia resort spa:
With exclusively designed spa products using herbs and oils from various parts of Asia, an Asia resort spa provides a highly professional massage service, reviving age-old traditions and techniques. These include:

Aromatherapy massage offered in an Asia resort spa, with essential oil blends to help you relax, re-energize.

Hot new treatments, including flower essences, traditional Chinese medicine, crystals and gem therapy, color, light and sound filtering through your body in the steam room.

Spiritual and holistic treatments like Ayurveda, Yoga, Reiki and other healing sessions, including two ancient Asian therapies, Shirodhara (used for centuries to restore inner calm and balance to the emotions) and Udwarthana (used to reduce obesity, strengthen muscles and refresh the body, promote better skin complexion by cleansing, exfoliating, toning the skin).

The famous cranial therapy, in which gentle movements applied to the skull and vertebrae balance the circulation of the liquid that surrounds the brain to release accumulated stress.

Using kitchen ingredients as the food of your skin: Often, top Asia resort spas use natural facemasks, ranging from honey facemasks to papaya masks and sea-salt face-scrubs, natural supplements and healing herbs.

Over the past few years, discerning cosmopolitan travelers have indulged in the extensive range of signature treatments offered by the top Asia resort spas, especially in Thailand, Bali, Singapore and Malaysia. According to recent articles on the Asian resort spas going global, the spa industry in Southeast Asia helps to pull in millions of international tourists each year (10 millions a year only for the spas in Thailand). Over the past few years, countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore etc. have pulled in high-profile tourists to soak in rose-petal baths and other luxurious delights of the Asian resort spas.

Besides, independent researches have revealed that in 2002 and 2003, Thai spas attracted 2.6 million international tourists who brought in about US$85 million in revenue. Researches have also revealed that the Asian spa industry is growing at around 20 to 30 percent every year, with a lot of European and Asian visitors. With 80 per cent of total spa visits generated by international tourists, Thailand remains the ‘apple of the eye’ for those in the business of resort spas. In India, Kerala being the most favored destination for Asian spas, the enviable destination of the Himalayas also offer the serene tranquility of the spas in Asia. The leisure, lifestyle and business traveler can easily rediscover tranquility in the Indian resort spas, for which the spas are an increasing business in India too.

Its no wonder, then, that that the tantalizing spa treats have appealed to the international tourists not only with their Asian aesthetics, but also with the rejuvenating spa experience that has brought back radiance to their body and harmony among their body, mind and spirit. On the whole, the Asian spas have worked as exclusive retreats for rejuvenation, meditation and for nourishing spiritual mindsets.