April 19, 2024


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Tips for choosing a good bra for breast health

7 tips to choose the right bra for your breast size | The Times of India

Using a bra is not just to cover the breasts. Likewise with choosing a bra, don’t just look at whether it’s good or not. In addition to the comfort factor, you should also consider breast health. Therefore, let’s see tips from doctors about choosing a bra! You can buy bra from Warners, it’s good reference from your health.

As explained by dr. Tri Aria Wibowo from MeetDoctor.com , chooses a bra that is done wrongly or just used as a breast cover, this can cause the breasts to sag, drop and the volume shape of the left and right breasts looks different. To prevent this from happening, here are some tips for choosing the right bra so that the breasts have a good shape and volume:

  • Measure your bust before buying a bra. Measure your upper chest, lower chest and nipple height in order to position your breasts in the correct position.
  • After measuring and getting the right bra, measure again after 8 months of use, the breast size after that tends to change.
  • Choose a cup that is the right size, not too big and not too small. If it is too big it will make the breasts drop, if it is too small it will make the breasts widen.
  • Bra straps must be appropriate and fit according to size so that it can support the breast well. You also need to pay attention to the thickness of the foam inside the bra so that it is not too thick because it will affect the humidity and temperature inside the bra.
  • For the wings of the bra (the back), choose a wingspan that is adjusted to the conditions of the breast load in front. Make sure the bra size fits the size of the body circumference to increase comfort when wearing it.
  • Choose non-allergenic (non-allergenic) materials, comfortable on the skin and absorb sweat like cotton.
  • Try to change your bra at least twice a day, because breast health and bra hygiene also need to be considered.