September 30, 2023


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Winter Holiday Ideas

The temperature is dripping; the ice is sweltering; be happy Winters are here! That means it’s time for the holidays! Christmas and New Year holidays are approaching. If you still haven’t figured out or made any plans on how you will be spending your winter holidays, then do read this. We have got some fantastic ideas for you. 

1. Take a Stroll in the Christmas Market: Winter is a merry time because of Christmas. Weeks before the arrival of Christmas, markets and malls get all dolled up with fairy lights, Christmas trees, snow, and other pretty decorations. It’s surely a sight to witness and behold for the next Christmas. Plan a trip to the Christmas markets and malls with your friends and family. If you visit on 25th of December when Christmas is celebrated, you might also come across various events happening like live performances by singers, flea markets selling plum cakes and other items, and other fun games. For the Christmas vibes, do visit once. 

2. Hit The Slopes: Winter chills and thrills! Hit the slopes for skiing or snowboard vacation. Depending upon your current location and whether it’s possible to roam around; you can head to the Alps, Canada for winter scenery and enjoy these sports. Even in India, you head to the Northern part where snowfall majorly happens and enjoy the winter bliss. If none of these work, there are places where you can take part in skiing and snowboarding with artificial snow such as at places Snowworld, Ski India, etc. 

3. Cosy Day and Night at Home: Undoubtedly, winters are lazy, and all you feel like cosying up in the blankets. If you have a partner, you are all sorted. Blankets, a cup of hot chocolate/coffee, and you too–It’s a picture-perfect winter day or night. If you are alone, you can still enjoy yourself by binge-watching your favourite movies with a tub of popcorn or enjoying the winter evenings with a cake. Avail online cake delivery in Pune and you do not even have to step out in the winter. If it’s a chocolate cake, just heat it in a microwave oven and eat it. Ahhh! Nothing can beat this yummy feeling. 

4. Decorate the House and Visit Church: Who says only Christians decorate their houses? Anyone can do that just for the sake of beauty and charm. Decorate your homes with a Christmas tree, fairy lights, wreaths, streamers, and all those decorations. Visit church with your family to offer prayers and find solace in the world of humdrum. 

5. Play the Secret Santa: Play the Secret Santa game and spread merry smiles all around. Buy gifts for the family and friends and hide all over the house with the names. Let people find their gifts with their name slip and guess who it must be. If you do not want to play the hide & seek game, just exchange gifts on the morning or eve of Christmas. 

6. Call Relatives Over a Buffet: Ohh! The buffet lunch with friends and family is another kind of party. You can do it any day or choose Christmas as your day to have a party. If it’s a Christmas brunch, make sure you have some Christmas themed food items like plum cakes or cupcakes, seafood and salads, turkey, chicken, wine, etc. 

7. Vacation: It’s your holidays and winter breaks call for vacations. Take a vacation alone or with your family and friends to an outdoor location or foreign country. If you are keen to see the snowfall; choose a location where it is snowing. 

Spend your holidays wisely by doing something that makes your soul happy. Take these ideas into consideration for that.