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Factors To Take Into Consideration Before Cosmetic Surgery

Factors To Take Into Consideration Before Cosmetic Surgery

Have realistic expectations.

Plastic surgery can enhance the way people look as well as boost their confidence but it does not necessary guarantee to have a lasting relationship, higher paying job or a more fulfilled life. However, if they want to lift their sagging breasts, tighten their loose chin or improve their hooked nose, they will probably be happy with the outcome as long as they do their homework.

More and more doctors, including cardiologists and internal medicine specialists are carrying out cosmetic procedures. In case a potential surgeon has not passed the board in plastic surgery or in any desired procedure, patients should continue to search. Plastic surgeons are required to complete 50 straight hours of medical education every year to make sure they are up to date as well as take performance exams regularly and record patients’ results, to keep their certification.

Evaluate the facility.

Aside from checking a doctor’s credentials, patients should make sure that the procedure is carried out in an accredited facility like a medical center or hospital. Places such as an office building, mall or private home (like a cosmetic-surgery house party) do not have enough equipment to address any possible complications that may arise.

Consider the timing.

People can undergo a facial procedure (like rhinoplasty / nose job) any time they like to but when it comes to surgical procedures on the body, it is better to wait until they have a family, after giving birth and nursing babies since these cause dramatic changes in the body. To make the most out of the procedure, it is best to wait so that sagging caused by pregnancy, would benefit from the lift.

Save for the expenses.

Plastic surgery can cost a lot and it does not have insurance coverage. Also, even if they get a separate policy, health insurance does not normally cover complications from cosmetic procedures. Patients cannot fund the operation using flexible spending dollars. However, this is one area wherein people cannot take the short cut and go for bargain prices even if it means waiting until the time they can afford to proceed with the procedure.

Consider the risks.

Plastic surgery may be an elective procedure but it does not come without risks. No matter what it requires like getting general anesthesia (with drugs that make you sleep) or local anesthesia, it comes with certain risks that will be discussed with the doctor ahead of time. Possible complications during surgeries can include wound separation, infection and failure to get the desired outcome.

Be patient during recovery.

It takes time to recover from plastic surgery so they have to be patient. There will be swelling and bruising surrounding the affected parts and it can take from weeks to months for the skin to adjust to its new shape. Also, they should take time away from work and other responsibilities when necessary. They should talk to their surgeon on what to expect following the procedure.

Think about non-surgical options.

Noninvasive procedures may have a few risks and so, patients may want to get a temporary fix before deciding on a permanent solution. Nevertheless, temporary solutions like fillers can cost more in the long run than going through surgery.

Think in advance.

A person’s appearance continues to change as time flies so it can be assumed that some people may want to go through other procedures after 5 to 10 years. Having said that, no one wants to get caught in the vicious cycle of aiming to look perfect.