October 3, 2023


There is a Fashion

Men, Must Have This Type Of Cool Bag To Support Your Appearance!

Aeronaut Bag | By Tom Bihn

Carrying a bag everywhere may still sound feminine to some men. However, in this day and age, it’s not just women who travel a lot with things. Think about it . Motorcycle or car keys, a smartphone with its charger , plus if you are an office man, you must always carry a portable laptop everywhere, right? complete with printilnya, not to mention earphones for those moments where you have to wait for an appointment. 


Backpacks are the most popular type of men’s bag and are often used throughout the world. This bag is worn on the back by carrying it. Along with the development of the fashion industry and innovations to facilitate the activities of this type of men’s bag, there are more and more varieties and the benefits are of course adjusted to the needs. For example, a backpack for hiking, carrying a laptop, going to school, and other outdoor activities . Whatever the reason, never wear this with a suit.


Is a type of men’s handbag used to carry documents, files, papers and books. Briefcase is generally used as a bag for work or formal activities. At first, this type of bag was made to resemble a box with square edges and did not have much space. Now, briefcases are more functional, have a more curved appearance, and have more room to store things. 


This type of bag is perfect for outdoor activities or going out of town that requires 2-3 pieces of clothing. In addition to the simple bag , this type of bag when worn looks more modern and stylish. The unique thing about this bag is that there are two rigid handles that are bigger than the handles of other bags so that when you are tired of carrying this bag you can really carry it on your shoulder.

Messenger Bag

This bag model was known among postmen in ancient times because it was used as a bag that carried a letter message to be conveyed to someone. The sling strap is usually wrapped around the chest so that it will not fall even if the user is riding or running fast.