May 21, 2024


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Newlyweds, this is the importance of wearing lingerie on the first night

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Not only preparing a wedding dress, you also need to prepare clothes for the first night. This is because the first night is a very special night for newlyweds. You can wear lingerie which is a nightgown with a sexy design to create a romantic and perfect first night. Here’s the importance of wearing lingerie on the first night!

Changing the Atmosphere and Mood

After a day of getting married, you and your husband must feel tired, so the mood goes down. To change the mood and atmosphere, you can give a surprise by wearing lingerie on the first night. Guaranteed your husband will be happy to see it and the atmosphere will be more romantic.

If you are too tired to have long sex, you can consider some quick sex positions. Quoted from  Hai Mother , here are some quick sex positions that, although brief, are guaranteed to be fun:

Standing doggy . You can stand in front of your husband, by bending at a 90 degree angle. This position is ideally done near a wall or table, so the couple can hold on. Then the husband came in from behind.

Seated grind . If you and your partner have limited movement and only have room to sit, try this position. The seated grind position is ideal for quick sex in the car or other tight spaces.

Bathroom . If you want quick sex, try to take a shower and have sex in the bathroom

Important Things For New Couples

At the beginning of a marriage where the passion of love between you and your partner is smoldering, don’t waste this peaking passion by wearing clothes that are casual, like wearing oversized nightgowns. Surely at the beginning of this marriage you want to give the best for your partner. Therefore, attract your husband by wearing lingerie so that he feels appreciated. If you need big size of lingeri, you can buy Plus Size Loungewear for Women in

Creating Fantasy

Make your first night experience with your husband even more memorable by wearing charming lingerie. Lingerie will show your curves so that it makes you look sexier, this will create fantasy in your partner so that it can increase the desire to make love.