May 21, 2024


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How to Dress Well: 20 Must-Follow Rules for Men


These are 5 Tips for Casual Dressing for Men to Get Women’s Eyes

There are many women out there who like men who look dashing and neat. Neat itself is more often defined by a formal way of dressing such as using a suit, shirt, and material pants. However, there are also many women who are fascinated by the casual look of men. Dressed casually, according to them , seemed more cool and friendly . 

Want to know how to dress casually for men to attract women? Check out Ryusei’s review directly below, yes. Come on!

  1. Wear T-shirts

T-shirts are like a casual display icon . In general, men like to choose plain shirts with neutral colors such as black, white and navy blue. This is a great way to mix and match with shirts or outers like jackets and blazers. The choice of dark colors can also help those of you who have a fat body look slimmer. If you want to buy gender neutral clothing, you can visit this website

Apart from plain t-shirts , graphic t-shirts or t- shirts with motifs are no less attractive to men. It’s a good idea not to use the outer so that the motif on the shirt is not covered. If you have a distended stomach, don’t use a shirt with a motif on the belly area, okay?

  1. Wearing Jeans

In addition to t-shirts, jeans can also be said to represent the casual fashion trend . Jeans have strong characteristics to look trendy. Jeans are identical to the color blue, but there’s nothing wrong with exploring black jeans. 

For those of you who have small or skinny feet, it’s a good idea to choose regular or slim fit jeans . This will make your legs look voluminous. Likewise, men with large thighs or calves avoid using slim fit jeans .

  1. Shorts

Shorts can not only be used at home, you can use shorts to hang out or go to tourist attractions. You have to really pay attention to the shorts size selection, yes. Don’t wear shorts that are too long or too short. Use knee-sized pants or 5 cm above the knee. 

Shorts are more often combined with t-shirts for a casual look . However, you can also mix and match with polo shirts or short-sleeved shirts for a smart casual look. It’s good that the boss you choose is not too long to make it look cooler. 

  1. Wear a Hoodie

Hoodie is one of the clothes that men like. The hoodie material, which is usually soft, also creates its own comfort for the wearer. Usually the hoodie is equipped with a hat so it is very practical to use when it suddenly rains.

Bored with the look of a hoodie and jeans, you can try a dress technique called layering . Choose a hoodie that fits your body and isn’t too thick, then use a denim jacket or leather jacket as the outer layer. In addition, the hoodie can be combined and matched with jogger pants for a casual look . 

  1. Oversized Top

Using clothes or tops with a larger size is better than using oversized subordinates. However, using an oversized top is not as easy as one might think. If you choose the wrong mix and match that doesn’t fit, then the display becomes unattractive. 

When wearing an oversized top , you can apply a layering technique or layers. For example, oversized t-shirts are mixed and matched with long-sleeved shirts of different colors for a trendy look. To make it look cooler, there’s nothing wrong with inserting the front of the shirt into the pants.

That’s Ryusei’s review of tips for casual dressing for men to attract women’s attention. Calm down, you don’t need to worry, the tips above are sure to be effective in getting women out there to be interested in you. Good luck.