June 19, 2024


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10 tips to taste and choose your perfume

The Best Fragrances for Women in 2019 - All About The Lifestyle

1. Do not pre-perfume

It is important not to pre-perfume yourself so as not to mix different scents that may interfere with perception. Some people find it difficult to leave the house without perfume, but it is the best way to have as neutral a starting point as possible.  

2.  Select the fragrances

Make a small selection of the fragrances that appeal to you the most to try them on a mouillette, blotter or scent strip. Try Diptyque profumi.  

3. Vaporize at about 20 cm. away

Smell each mouillette about 2 cm. away from the nose. It is important that you do not rub your nose so that no smell remains impregnated and thus be able to try the next one in a neutral way.  

4. Arrange the samples in a fan

When you have several samples, arrange them in a fan shape to compare one with another. You can write the name of each fragrance on the mouillette to remind yourself.  

5. Recalibrate your nose

If your nose has become saturated and you need to recalibrate your nose , some people recommend coffee beans, but it’s as easy as smelling your own skin on the inside of your elbow . 

6.  Test on your skin

When you already have your selection very limited, the time has come for the skin test . Spray on the inside of the wrist at about 20 cm. away, careful that there is nothing behind. 

7. Don’t rub your wrists

It is important not to rub the wrists , this so common and helpful gesture could be said to “break” the notes. It is not the right thing to do to allow the fragrance to develop according to its tempos. 

8. Smell it again after a while

After the initial impact in which the top notes , the most volatile, are appreciated , it is convenient to smell it again after a while to see how it develops and to capture new nuances of the heart and base notes and thus have the perception of how it will look. finally on your skin. The fragrance follows an olfactory pyramid-shaped structure in which some notes give way to others and it may happen that an outlet that you were not excited about evolves in a way that you finally love.   

9. Let yourself be carried away by the fragrance

Have you already made up your mind? Inhale deeply and let yourself go. You can close your eyes and think about the sensations that it transmits to you, memories or dreams of future moments. Each perfume smells different in each person due to multiple factors: the pH of each skin, the temperature or even the diet. Make it yours and feel that in you it smells in a unique and unrepeatable way .   

10.  A perfume for every situation

Play with different perfumes for different times . There are moments of seriousness and moments of mischief, moments of action and moments of tranquility, moments of seduction, moments of coming up and empowerment … Each perfume is an ally for each type of situation, to accompany you in the most important moments of your life.