May 19, 2024


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4 Tips for Choosing Glasses Based on Face Shape

Choosing glasses is like choosing a hairstyle, it needs to be adjusted to the shape of the face so that when used it makes your face more proportional. Glasses are now changing functions, no longer just being an optical device that helps vision but also an accessory worn on the face, just like watches and jewelry.

In certain circumstances, glasses can be used as a style complement that makes your charm shine even more. People who wear glasses are usually seen as serious, straightforward, and smart. No wonder to get that impression, someone is willing to wear glasses even though his eyes are still normal and there are no disturbances.

In addition to fashion and style complements, the reason people use glasses can also come from daily activities such as doing work on a laptop, driving, and others. Of course, the work or activity needs protection for the eyes so as not to be exposed to excessive radiation and also avoid infection with pollution on the road.

Well, for those of you who want to wear glasses, it’s a good idea to look at the following tips so that the glasses you will wear match the structure of your face because not all types of glasses are suitable for use. For this reason, this time will share information on 4 tips for choosing glasses based on face shape. Check out the full information below.

Glasses For Oval Face

Tips for choosing glasses for an oval-shaped face are glasses that are slightly rounded in size. Glasses are rather large and round in shape to balance the facial lines of the owner of the oval face.

In addition to balancing the shape of the face, these glasses will also make the owner of the round face look cuter and cuter, so that the person who wears it looks younger. For owners of an oval face, you should avoid glasses that are square in shape and also the frame is too small because it will make your cheekbones look bigger and you will look fatter.

Glasses For Round Face

Tips for choosing glasses for owners of round faces are almost similar to oval faces because these two face shapes look similar. The form of glasses that are suitable for owners of round faces are oval-shaped glasses that are rather large with thin frames. The shape of these glasses will give a frame to the face so it doesn’t look chubby.

One of the problems with round-faced women is that their cheeks tend to pinch the nose. Therefore, to cover these shortcomings, wear oval-shaped glasses, guaranteed after that your face looks thinner and ideal.

Glasses for Square Face

Furthermore, tips on choosing glasses for owners of square faces are the shape of glasses that are rectangular boxes because they adjust the shape of the face. There is something wrong that is often misunderstood by a box-faced woman. They think that wearing oval or round glasses will make the face look thinner, but it’s not.

In fact, the owner of a square face should avoid round or oval shaped glasses because when they are used they will not match the structure of the face. Instead of being thin, the cheekbones will look wider and the cheeks will also look chubby. It is better to choose medium-sized rectangular glasses so that when worn, the face looks more balanced.

Sunglasses For Heart Shaped Face

Finally, tips on choosing glasses for the owner of a heart face must clearly be large because the heart face shape has the smallest width than other face shapes. Therefore, it is recommended for those with heart-shaped faces to wear large glasses so that the face also looks wider.

Avoid square glasses as they will look inappropriate on a heart-shaped face. As a result, instead of getting a cute impression, the owner of this heart face looks older with small square or round glasses. It is also recommended to choose a thick handle for a more fashionable impression. You can buy sunglasses in, because there are many options for your face model.