April 16, 2024


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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Bikini for Your Body Shape

What Swimwear Suits My Shape? | Tips For All Body Types | Boux Avenue

Almost all women have a dream to be able to use a bikiniĀ  that can highlight her curves beautifully. But in fact not all women are confident to wear it, one reason is body shape.

Don’t worry, you can get around the shape of your body when you want to do swimming and playing activities on the monitor by choosing the right bikini.

Bikini Practice suit is not only synonymous with sexy clothes . The right choice can make you look attractive to the eye, from you who have a slim body shape to a big body.

  1. One Piece V-Neck

Bikini with a one-piece model with a V-shaped neck is suitable for those of you who have a short stature. This bikini model will make the thigh and butt muscles look more balanced. This one piece design also has a deep cut from the neck to the chest, this detail shows a flirty and sweet impression when you are on vacation at the beach. The detail of the motif centered on the belly gives the illusion of slimming your look.

  1. Bikini Cut Out.

If you have short legs and a fuller body, you will be right to use a one piece bikini with an elongated cut. To get around the belly that contains you can choose a bikini with a cut out accent on the stomach. Lace accents at the waist give a slim look to your look.

  1. Hourglass Model Bikini

If the hourglass cut is always synonymous with slim women, those of you who have a curvaceous and tall body can also use it. This hourglass shape bikini makes you look attractive and sexy. On the chest using a bustier accent to show the beautiful breasts. While the waist of the bikini is made slim to make it look slimmer overall.

  1. Bikini High-waisted

For those of you who are not confident with your stomach when wearing a bikini, you can choose to use a bikini with two parts, namely a bra and high-waisted bottoms so that it looks like it covers the stomach. This display also makes your appearance more stylish . A choice of attractive polka dots and a two – part bikini that can make your body look sexy.