If you are asked can write or not? The answer is of course you can. Everyone can write, a more appropriate question would be “Can you become a professional writer?” Professional here means to make writing a profession/job. Produce works that are known to a wide audience or have their own books.

1. Diligent in writing

First, of course you have to continue to hone your skills by writing and writing. How is it possible that you can produce good writing if you are lazy to write? Writing can be anywhere, especially in today’s digital era, you can immediately pour your writing ideas on your cellphone and develop them into a complete writing

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Started

Second, don’t be afraid to start, write what you think, pour it all out. Reread your writing or give it to someone close to him to read it. From there you will know where the shortcomings of your writing are. Don’t be afraid to be criticized for better things.

3. Don’t Stop Learning

What are you studying? There is a lot to learn to be a writer. First: Learn punctuation! This is considered trivial but it turns out punctuation is very important. When to dot, when to comma, and when to uppercase and lowercase. Second: Learn to string words. What kind of word? It depends on what kind of book we are writing. If you have fiction, you have to learn to fantasize. The point is to learn to extend words, for example: “I face west!” The word must be made interesting when we write fiction. For example, it was changed with these words: “When the clouds on the western horizon began to turn yellow, I was silent, staring at the burst of light, frozen in silence. My tongue is numb and my heart is frozen.  My brain refuses to turn to face the opposite direction.” So understand what that means? Learn to string words. It’s not hard if you practice it often. Third: Learn to read, why are you even learning to read? Yes, by reading we will be rich with various kinds of ideas and insights.

4. Pay Attention to Publisher Policies

Publishers have several conditions to publish a manuscript. One of the most common reasons why publishers don’t publish our manuscripts is market problems. The market that determines and the publisher of course has a different view of the so-called market. The disease of novice writers is overconfidence. They think his writing is the best work and will become a bestseller! But make no mistake! That’s the disease of novice writers. Selfish! If you want to publish a book, you should share-lah with the editor. Usually, if you are interested in our script or writing style, the publisher will provide a lot of input. In fact, it is not uncommon for publishers to order an article from one of the authors who they consider to have character and have a unique writing style and SELL. If the publisher has suggestions and ideas, it’s a good idea to consider them and follow them.

5. Not Easily Desperate

Do not despair if your manuscript is rejected by the publisher! Because of what? Because it does not match the theme of the manuscript sought by the publisher. If it is rejected by publisher A, it is not certain that our manuscript will be rejected by publisher B. So don’t give up immediately let alone kill yourself because our manuscript was rejected. There are hundreds of publishers in Indonesia who are ready to publish your books. Instead, those rejections make you learn to improve your writing. You can read Chan Thomas book in rawveganpsychic.com, he wrote The Adam & Eve Story