December 11, 2023


There is a Fashion

5 Effective Tips To Seducing A Man – On A Date

Tip 1 – Dress Appropriately

A sporty guy might ask you out for a sports session or a movie guy might just want to hit the theatre and watch a flick. Whatever it is, you need to dress correctly and make sure you dont “Out Dress” him! You want to wear something that is close to what he wears often so that other people will think that you are a couple and this will reinforce positive feelings in your relationship with him.

You should also show some cleavage but don’t overdo it! A rule of thumb is if you are wearing a low cut top, you should be “fully clothed” bottom and vice versa. You should also “expose” your best assets. If you have been complimented on having model looking legs, go ahead and wear that cute denim skirt!

Tip 2 – Wear A Scent; Put On Make-Up

As a rule of thumb, girls should always be smelling like flowers everywhere they go. Smelling good is very important as it gives an impression that you know how to take care of yourself and you doll yourself up for him. He will appreciate it. Trust me.

Cosmetics is vital to make any girl look good. You need not have 10 layers of foundation on yourself. Depending on your skin tone and looks, you should use cosmetics to your advantage. Conceal what is not nice, accentuate what is nice. Make your best features stand out. Also, choose the appropriate colors for the time of the day. If you are anticipating some kissing action, use a lipstick that doesn’t smudge! However, most guys like shiny and glossy lipstick as it gives a sexy feeling.

Tip 3 – Show Confidence

Guys like girls that knows their stuff, go on, show your intellect! Give an opinion! An intelligent mind is sexy. However, guys are more than often egoistic. Remember this: You can give an opinion but let him know that the decision to do anything lies with him. This will reaffirm that you are a “docile” girl and that you value his authority and image as a guy. Well, most guys like to be the “dominant” figure in a relationship but it is also true that after “consulting” your opinion, he will most probably go along with your suggestion.

Tip 4 – Touch Him

You can hold his arm as though you are his “property”. This makes guys feel very good about themselves. Treat yourself like a “hot chick” and he will be very proud to be your date. You want to make other guys (strangers on the street) jealous of him because of you.

Tip 5 – Let Him Think That He Impressed You

All guys like to think that they are really good with girls. They have a “I want to win” mentality deep down in their hearts when it comes to girls. A desire to possess. So act as though you are really impressed with him, choose your words carefully but be natural in your expressions. Mr Right might not be perfect in all ways but the fact that you like him shows alot. Make him feel that what he tells you is very important and interesting (Although at times, you might not even understand!). Ask him more and be interested.