September 28, 2023


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5 Tips for Creating Unique and Attractive Packaging Designs

There are many supporting factors that influence you in doing business. One of the factors is the packaging design you choose. Packaging is one form of delivering a good message. From the packaging, you can determine attractive colors, lines, logos, and designs so that they can bring out the identity of the product.

Packaging also influences consumers in making choices. When they see attractive packaging, usually buyers will be interested in knowing and then buying your product.

The packaging you create must be creative and informative. In addition, being unique and different from competitors is good for your product identity. Packaging is also an effective online marketing tool . When buyers upload your packaging to social media, it means that your packaging is attractive.

1.   Simple yet Elegant Design

When consumers see complex packaging designs, they will usually turn to competitors. What you need to do is for your packaging to feature a unique, attractive, simple and elegant design. Not too flashy but the message that is loaded can be conveyed clearly to the buyer.

Simple doesn’t mean cheap. Precisely from simple it is able to display the elegant so that it has a charming impression. Color, typeface, and selection of slogans are supporting parts to create a good packaging design.

2.   Good Packaging Guarantee

Your product can be said to be good if it is able to present an attractive packaging. However, simply pulling is not enough if the packaging you display does not protect the product safely. You have to judge that the product you offer to buyers is a valuable product. So, buyers don’t worry about getting damaged goods because of your packaging.

For example, you sell a snack in the form of crackers. So, you have to prepare a durable packaging so that it doesn’t damage the crackers. Also, make sure that the packaging you make is air-resistant so that the product doesn’t get moldy quickly. This is important because, through logistics, the durability of your product will be tested.

3.   Packaging Quality

When you consider your product to be valuable, what you need to pay attention to is good quality, high value, and reliable packaging. All three are interrelated so as to make the identity of your product more trusted by buyers.

You don’t have to buy expensive or imported materials to get good quality packaging. Local materials are no less than imported. These materials have produced many good, tested, and high value packaging designs. Also, take advantage of using stickers or labels in your packaging designs.

4.   Set Typography

Visual design is important for buyers so arrange typography in detail and well. Elements in typography include choosing colors, using fonts , and writing styles that are not excessive. You need to pay attention to details to match the identity on the product.

In addition, the writing you produce is straight to the point . Don’t beat around the bush. Buyers tend to pay attention to writing that is short but dense. The information submitted is accurate so that it attracts potential buyers to use your product.

Remember, in addition to setting the typography, the packaging design that you display should be simple but elegant.

5.   Create a Special Edition Packaging Design

For buyers who are loyal to your product, they will usually hunt for packaging designs with special editions. You can issue a special edition by issuing “limited” frills. This will make buyers race to get it.

Packaging designs in special editions need to be made with limited stock. Thus, the buyer will apply the principle of “who is fast, then he gets”. In addition, by having a special edition, buyers get pride because it is not necessarily a special edition that will be present for the second time. is the best packaging service that you should use.