October 3, 2023


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5 Tips You Must Know Before Buying Anti-Radiation Glasses

The main mistake for people who want to buy anti-radiation glasses is, only see glasses according to the trend and their face shape. Though the most important thing is the quality of its use whether it is according to what we are looking for or not.

Some of the radiation glasses are not all original. You also have to be able to distinguish between the real and the fake, especially in terms of effectiveness, whether it is really effective or not at all.

The characteristics of genuine anti-radiation glasses include: the lens of the glasses has two metal layers that block blue light from both sides of the lens, the glass coating has three layers of metallic layers, namely a hard layer, a water-resistant metal, and an anti-glare layer.

In addition, the original blue light glasses glasses have different lens colors because the glasses have photogrey anti-radiation , which when outside the room these glasses will cause a dark effect when in the middle of a hot day.

In addition, you should re-examine your eyes before buying glasses. Some of the reasons for adding minus eyes are because they are too tired to stare at the gadget layer. This habit causes some of the people to already use thick glasses.

Here are some tips that you should know before buying anti-radiation glasses.

Choose eyeglass frames that suit your face shape.

Having a fashionable look even with glasses is not a problem. Currently there are many types of eyeglass frames that you can choose according to your face shape. Because everyone basically has a different face shape, so does their taste in eyewear products. Some eyeglass frames also have the latest trends from time to time. So make sure you don’t just choose the frame, because the most important thing is to adjust the shape of your face.

Lenses must be polarized

For those of you who often do outdoor activities, you should use this type of lens. Because the lens can be used leporate slau sun, as well as standing water. These glasses are perfect for working during the day.

Choose a large lens frame

A larger lens frame can protect your eyes more optimally, so that radiation rays do not enter the eye. Some glasses should also have anti-reflective (AR) lenses that can reduce the reflection of radiation rays, anti-photochromic radiation lenses (can change color when exposed to light).

Choose a good and impact-resistant frame material

In addition to a quality lens, you also have to look for a good frame material because this is also important so that it can last a long time to protect the frame. The frame that is usually used is made of plastic and metal, depending on how each individual needs.

If you feel like the type of person who can’t take good care of things, then metal is for you. This type of plastic tends to break easily if it is constantly exposed to the sun.