May 21, 2024


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Anice Loves
– Anice Jewellery

Anice Loves – Anice Jewellery

Here at Anice, with every custom project, we’re given a glimpse into people’s love stories. We have one of the most special jobs, because working with people to create or recreate their jewellery, comes with so much more than just the physical piece. This magic is something we cherish with every individual client that walks through our door, and around Christmas time this magic is only heightened. Without a doubt, the Christmas season is our favourite time of year.

This Christmas, we’ve been working hard to make this season even more special than last. Something that we’ve been dreaming up for so long now, is to collaborate with other makers who we love and admire, and make Anice a destination where their work could be celebrated alongside ours. Alas! Our “Anice Loves” collection comes to life.


Cards featured: Of Love Studio

We’re so excited to celebrate this new growing community of makers within our shop, each who fit so well immersed in the Anice culture and understand the beauty that comes with handmade work. Each unique product is fitting for the season, with handmade cards, local art and wall hangings that work as the perfect giftable items for the special people in your life.


Macrame wall hangings: Megan Elias


While discussing how to make the shop as beautiful as it could possibly be, especially around the Christmas season, what only made sense to us was to decorate with items that we already loved. We found that there was something really warm and special about going into a shop and admiring handmade macrame that didn’t just look beautiful, but could be shoppable as well.

We are also constantly burning candles that we really love the smell of, and often times it leads to our customers asking us about the amazing smell of the store, so we thought why not have those candles for sale too? Like going into a cozy house filled with someone’s favourite things, branching into a shoppable “home-like” store only made sense to us. You share your magic with us, and we do our best to share our magic back with you.

Candle featured: Wildwoods by Woodlot


We are so excited to continue to grow our Anice Loves community, and look forward to sharing our favourite items with you. Stay tuned for individual features on these makers!


The Anice Team