June 19, 2024


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When it comes to working out, they say that “putting on your shoes is half the battle.” Well, the other half battle is packing the gym bag. Both men and women consider a couple of key points when selecting a perfect gym bag.

If it is your first gym class, then the below checklist will make this mission for you a lot easier.

  • Large number of compartments

You need to put everything in your bag and nobody wants to mix sweaty socks and shoes with phones and snacks. You need to consider organizing items and compartments can help you in this. You need to buy a best Gym Bag with Shoes Compartment and pack your shoes separately. There should be a separate wet towel compartment which is waterproof and keeps the rest of the bag dry.

  • Use a name tag

We know that you aren’t traveling far to go to the gym, but even so, you can end up misplacing your bag by accident. If someone moves out with your bag mistakenly then this could potentially send you into panic mode. It might sound surprising, but in commercial gyms, you can find people returning your bag, if they knew who it belonged to, to a member of staff. By putting a name tag on your bag will make it clear identification all the easier.

  • Attach the lock ON the bag

Forgetting your gym bag without a lock is just like leaving your home without a lock. One way to do workout tension-free is to attach the lock ON the bag. This is the way, you can make sure you won’t forget it. If you have a backpack with an inbuilt lock then it is great otherwise you can buy one small lock for your bag. You have to keep your mobile and other important items in your bag therefore, the bag should be secured with a proper lock. 

  • Use odor balls

Dirty socks and other used items can create a bad odor in the bag. Odor balls are inexpensive, unobtrusive, and can make the difference between you being a healthy person or the smelly person in the office. You can easily pop one ball in the bag and one in the pouch/box with your used gym gear in.

  • Use a quick-drying towel

In the market, you can get specific gym cotton towels. They are wonderful and definitely recommended for the gym. You can choose a small size towel and carry it in your bag in a separate compartment. Travel towels are excellent gym towels and they are designed to be carried around and to dry quickly. Microfibre towels take less space and wipe off the moisture from your skin very quickly as opposed to soaking it up.

  • Pack some snacks

While working out, it is also important to keep your energy level high with some snacks. The workout requires protein and you can carry a protein bar to the gym. Pack some high-protein snacks such as protein bars or jerkies, in your gym bag. Foodstuff should be kept separately from the rest of the lot, especially from dirty clothing and shoes for health and safety reasons. There are different ways to keep your protein levels up, the most obvious being drinking protein powder shakes. You can keep your protein powder in a separate compartment and use the shaker for water, thanks to clever bottle designs.

  • Don’t forget your water bottle 

Water is as much as important as protein snacks. During the workout you sweat a lot, therefore it is necessary to hydrate yourself with water. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after the workout. Your muscles and body need water to function properly. Some gyms provide mineral water bottles, but you should carry your own recyclable water bottle.

Get a gym water bottle and carry it in the side pocket of your gym bag. Water bottles and shakers should be kept separately and upright always. This is another advantage when you are carrying your things in a gym backpack. If you have to attend your office before/after the gym, get the Best Bag For Gym And Work which will carry your gym and office essentials easily.