July 17, 2024


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Christmas Fashionable Glasses For Men

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Christmas fashionable eyeglasses for men, such a simple arts and crafts concept on one hand, think eyeglasses covered in glittery veld and plastic reindeer antlers and quite a fashion-forward thinking notion on the other. Meaning it could look quite ridiculous or it could look quite sophisticated and dapper. On this occasion, however, we will be opting for the fashion-forward sophisticated and dapper option. So whether you are attempting to coordinate your eyeglasses with your significant others’ ladies christmas jumpers any merchandise from The Snowboard Asylum you may have or just attempting to coordinate your own outfit with your fashionable glasses for men, Christmas or otherwise, the following are some of the Christmas fashionable glasses for men.

These are the Christmas Fashionable Glasses for Men This Holiday/ Christmas Season

Before we begin with what the Christmas fashionable glasses for men are, it should be noted that all of the glasses listed below are done in a manner that represents the number of recommendations each received from anonymous individuals. With that said, number one received the most recommendations whilst seven received the least. So without further ado, the following are and will be the Christmas fashionable glasses for men.

1). Clear/ Transparent Framed Glasses, these glasses are an understated way to get style and shape without the diversion of colour. Additionally, the clarity and transparency of these glasses make the style accessible to round, square and oval faces alike. Furthermore, they are an extremely versatile and flattering “accessory”.

2). Tortoiseshell Framed Glasses, Tortoiseshell is not only an understatedly stylish print that will seemingly stand the test of time but it is also perfect for those wanting a classic frame with more character.

3). Aviators, think Tom Cruise in 1986’s Top Gun, invented in 1938 as a means to aid pilots to see better in the sun, have since permeated through the military, US and otherwise, and civilian wear and consequently becoming intrinsically integrated. Aviators pair well with almost anything.

4). Feather-light/ Wire Framed glasses, deliver a visual punch without weighing you down, all without sacrificing style and durability. Furthermore, this style embodies all the retro-bookish vibes but with a more aesthetically pleasing geometry. Furthermore, they can be dressed up or down.

5). Clubmasters framed glasses, not only do these glasses draw attention to the eyes but they also come in a variety of styles to flatter every face. Furthermore, because it has a heavy upper half, it brings excellent balance to the face.

6). Oversized framed glasses, give the wearers, regardless of age, a means to communicate their individuality. And since they come in myriad silhouettes and colours it is a guarantee that you will stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, it would be wise to opt for lightweight materials for these glasses.

7). Round Framed glasses, possess a retro-cool 1930s to 40’s vibe about them. Perfect for if you want something low-key yet polished. Furthermore, they come in a few different styles. One of the benefits of the half-frame with the plastic on the bottom is that there is no visual obstruction when you peer down over the top. Moreover, they suit diamond, rectangular, heart-shaped and oval face shapes.

With all of that being said

With all of that being said, the previously mentioned are recommendations made purely based on overviews and recommendations of the types of frames listed above and do not take into account all of the varying brands, frame shapes, sizes and colours. 


It should be noted that whilst all of the above regarding the glasses is true, this does not mean that once the glasses are on your, or the man in your life’s, face that the results will be the same as mentioned here.