May 19, 2024


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How to make money from blogs by selling backlinks

Make Money Online and Sell Backlinks on Your Site |

To earn money from blogs, not only by placing google adsense ads and other ad networks, one of them can also earn money by selling backlinks on our blog.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are one of the important aspects that can determine the position of a website in search engine searches. 

Backlink is a term to name a link / link that leads to our website. Backlinks can be used as a reference to make it easier for users or just for optimization purposes so that our website is more popular in the eyes of search engines. 

In terms of benefits, backlinks are divided into two types, namely dofollow and nofollow. The two types of backlinks above are actually no different at all when seen with the naked eye. However, the dofiollow type of backlink is more preferred because it has a high value in the eyes of search engines, while the nofollow type is relatively less desirable because it does not have a significant effect on the website.

As a result, many bloggers and web developers are looking for those backlinks, one of them is by buying backlinks.

Therefore we can take advantage of this situation by offering to those who need a backlink to offer our blog to install a backlink that points to the buyer’s blog or website.

How do we know who needs backlinks?

It is not easy for us to offer backlink placement on our blog or website to someone who owns a blog or website. 

For this reason, many web developers provide content placement services   that aim to bring together buyers and sellers of backlinks, one of which is as a place for email.

That’s how we get additional income from blogs by Sell backlinks online, let’s immediately register your blog and get rupiah coffers from your blog.