July 17, 2024


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Learn Make-Up Without Courses with These 5 Easy Steps

Ikuti 5 Tips Makeup Untuk Kita yang Enggak Suka Memakai Eyeliner - Semua  Halaman - CewekBanget

Being beautiful and charming is definitely every girl’s dream, especially in this era of selfies  . Not a few of us are willing to spend more to get smooth and free facial skin from problems such as acne or dull skin. It’s natural, because a perfect appearance is the key to always being confident and not feeling inferior when you want to go for a walk or take a selfie  in front of the camera.

But, you don’t have to worry too much about this, because Hipwee Tips with SahabatMarina have a solution. Yup, without the need to spend a lot of money, you can look attractive with unabashed make-up . More importantly, the steps are simple! Even you who are boarding children can apply it. Curious how? Here we go!

1. Routinely clean your face in the right way so that your skin stays fresh and healthy

Before applying  make-up  or  skincare  to the face, first your face must be clean and healthy. Why? This is useful for maximizing the absorption of  make-up  or  skincare,  so it doesn’t ‘break’ or cause irritation to your face. You don’t want it if the problem on your face gets worse? So make sure you clean your face the right way.

2. Don’t forget to apply  moisturizer  first so that your skin is moist all day

Don’t you want your skin to look dry? For that you need to apply  moisturizer  to your face. This is done to prepare the pores of the facial skin from forging powder and other  make-up  . That way your facial skin will be awake and not easily dry. Don’t even look for a moisturizer. Try to use a moisturizer with spf content that can simultaneously protect the skin from the sun, yes.

3. To make your make-up last longer, it is mandatory to use Two Way Cake!

Do you know that the weather in Indonesia can make your face prone to being oily and dull? Now, it’s time for you to take advantage of Two Way Cake, a compact powder as well as a foundation to brighten your skin tone and keep the oil from coming out too much.

4. For the eye area, Dab an eyeshadow color beige, a little mascara and eyeliner that looks more fresh eyes

Adding makeup to the eyes also needs to be done so that you don’t look pale. Just put the eyeshadow color beige or brown to make the eyes look more  fresh  but natural. For addition, apply enough mascara and eyeliner so that the flaws in your eyes can be disguised.

5. Let your cheeks blush,  blush don’t forget the !

Choose a blush-on with a pink or orange color so it doesn’t make you look too small. Don’t you want to be called boiled crab because your cheeks are too red later? If you need to buy make up tool, you can visit this website frenchfragrance.com