July 17, 2024


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MaryHardingJewelry Bead Blog: Ornament Blog Hop

MaryHardingJewelry Bead Blog: Ornament Blog Hop

Art Bead Scene is having its 6th Annual Ornament Blog Hop today.  I have been wanting to make some Christmas Tree ornaments for several years now but just didn’t get to them.  So this year  I  set aside some time.  I decided to make them from porcelain clay and  use some of my own texture stamps for decoration.   I looked thru my stash of cookie cutters for a Christmas tree shape and found a small one as seen  in the picture above and went to work.  Since porcelain clay requires a slow drying time to prevent warping, I began work on these several weeks ago.  I also wanted to make some bigger trees for ornaments and found a design I liked in a metal cutter and made the next set of Christmas trees seen below.  

These were also an experiment in glazing and I love how the colors came out.

Next I wanted to do a set of  photo transfers onto polymer clay.  I chose some Victorial Floral images for these trees seen below.

These Victorian Floral image ornaments can be hand colored or left black and white.  I like the quality of the black and white so I have not colored them.  

All of these ornaments I made lend themselves to being hung on a tree or a wreath with a simple hook or ribbon.

I hope you will visit the other blogs in this hop.  

Thanks so for stopping by.

Happy Holidays!!!!