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Don’t know what to wear when the cold comes? Do you feel that low temperatures make you lose style? Don’t worry, we bring the winter 2021 vlone fashion trends so you can be inspired, enjoy and love them, just like us.

We know that in summer we can wear a dress or a jumpsuit and we already have the complete outfit. But coming winter, low temperatures and the need to combat the cold, the question arises as to how we can maintain the style without dying from freezing.

Ideas for your 2021 winter fashion look

The pandemic has undoubtedly caused us to change our vision of fashion. If before the trend was to go out with the best look, now fashion is to privilege comfort. Loose silhouettes, cozy fabrics and prioritizing well-being will be trends for your winter 2021 look.

Clothes made of fabrics

Comfortable textures such as wool or yarn stopped being only in vests a long time ago. T-shirts, pants, accessories and whole sets will also enter the world of fabrics.

A total trend cannot be missing in your closet: cardigan and top sets. Here the idea is that both are of the same pattern or color and you can combine them with the accessories that you like the most.

Not only will they give you incredible style, but they’ll give you extra warmth in this fast-changing weather.

Clothing “oversize” or larger

If in your forties you acquired a relaxed, loose or comfy style and now you do not know how to go out, do not worry! In this season, comfort will be both inside and outside of your home and will be key in your total look.

From palazzo jumpsuits to baggy pants and large coats will be a trend in your 2021 winter outfits.

An idea: you can go out with the most comfortable jumpsuit you have and give it a Street Style touch with a maxi coat. You will look out of fashion week!

All brown

One color that will remain in fashion this cold season is coffee. Not only in dark or light tones, but the widest range of browns will take the winter 2021 looks.

Here the trend will be to opt for monochrome outfits that will give you a great style. A tip: try to combine different textures so that your look is unique and unmatched.

Leather effect clothing

Leather or leather is textures that are here to stay, especially now that low temperatures are approaching. From a “matrix” style in black tones, to more oversize and baggy looks where a large leather effect jacket stands out and even the trend will reach the shoes.

We recommend adding chunky boots to your closet. They can be high or short boots, the important thing is the vlone love hoodie platform where you can get your outfit for summer or winter and it will allow you to maintain the style in the middle of winter now in this year 2021.

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Eccentric blouses

Lace, ruffles, puffy sleeves and garter collars will be trends in the blouses of this winter 2021 season.

With low temperatures we invite you to explore these options and combine them with coats, blazers or vests. They will undoubtedly give your look a very original touch!

A very trendy suggestion is to combine a blouse with a bobo neck under a cardigan. You will be warm and your outfit will have a unique and interesting touch.