March 5, 2024


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Sustainable fashion – Everything you need to know

All You Need to Know About Sustainable Fashion | The Daily Star

Following fashion and buying the products that are in trend at that time has become an involuntary and unconscious action that we carry out without thinking about the consequences of this action on the environment. The truth is that the impact of the fashion industry on the planet is so that more and more brands offer sustainable fashion and seek their place in a market dominated by big brands.

According to data published by the United Nations (UN), with the amount of water used annually by the clothing sector in its production, 93,000 million cubic meters, 5 million people survive in the world. And not only that. 7500 liters of water are needed to produce jeans.

But what is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is that fashion that respects the environment and society in all its phases: from conception, to production, through distribution to sale.

This fashion proposal aims to work with less polluting raw materials, reducing production waste, such as water and electricity costs, and producing durable parts, stimulating conscious consumption. In addition, this model proposes a more humane production, without the exploitation of workers and with a more equitable remuneration.

Durable fabrics

• Organic cotton

• Bamboo fiber

• Hemp

• Tencel

• Recycled material

Tips to join sustainable fashion

1.     Give your clothes in the closet a second chance

If you think that you will no longer use the more clothes you have in your closet, use a platform to buy and sell used clothes. There is definitely someone who can use that coat.

2.     Recycling

If you think your clothes can no longer be reused, recycle them. Place it in one of the clothing containers you will find in your environment.

3.     Ask yourself if you really need to buy clothes

Don’t buy products you don’t really need, so you’ll help reduce the production of new products.

4.     Buy durable clothes

Once you have decided to buy a garment, opt for durable clothing or footwear. Pay attention to the stamps and certificates you will find on the product label and know what type of product you are buying.

Why sustainable fashion is important: the benefits

The idea of ​​paying special attention to the environment has a number of benefits for the whole sector:

• Environmental and social protection: the first aspect to be considered is the effects on the environment, as new forms of production require special attention to respect natural resources and ecosystems, so as not to create an impact that could be harmful to humans. live and for men. In this perspective, there will also be enormous benefits for those workers in countries that do not have precise rules to protect their well-being and ensure low wages. In fact, sustainable fashion requires fairness, eliminating any form of abuse.

• Fashion development: the search for new types of production systems has given a boost to technology in line with the evolution of Industry 4.0, with the creation of innovative materials and safe and efficient equipment, which reduce consumption and production costs, with the possibility of offer new areas of application to both large brands and small and medium-sized enterprises in the sector.

• Protection of traditions: finally, sustainable fashion must also be considered as the protection of traditions