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Things to Consider in Choosing Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Dallas TX

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Engagement rings are special because they represent the desire of a man to marry his partner. Engagement rings have been practiced for decades and it has been customary to present diamond rings as an engagement gift during the proposal. For men choosing the perfect engagement ring is not easy, they have to know what their partner wants and they have to be able to get one closest to what she desires. That’s why jewelers continue to create designs to be able to meet the demands of women on what they want to have as their engagement ring. Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas Stores are being considered by men since they don’t have to think further on the details of the ring. They just have to choose a design that fits their partner as well as consider some details in getting an Emerald Cut Engagement ring. 

Make Sure Cut are Good 

Emerald cut diamonds are elongated, rectangular with chiseled step cut and straight linear facets. Although most are elongated, square ones can also be possible depending on your choice. Sides are usually cropped to prevent fractures and increase their stability when mounted to its setting. To get a better emerald cut get advice from your jeweler on what’s best for your ideal engagement ring design.

The emerald cut is a good choice since it has a larger table which makes an abundant reflection of white and colored lights. With these features surely your partner will be fascinated with this ring. 

Cuts should have dimensions that fit the standard measurement of the ideal emerald cut. You can check with your jewelry store on the measurement of its table, depth, and other details. 

Width and Length of Emerald Cut Diamonds

The length to width ratio is important in cutting emerald-cut diamonds. The standard ratio is 1.30 to 1.60. Most customers prefer 1.50 as their ratio. The ratio will also depend on the setting you will choose. 

Choose a Good Setting For your Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Settings are available in several metals but each diamond matches with settings. Solitaire and simple pave settings match emerald-cut diamonds. Being able to get a good setting for your emerald cut diamond can make its brilliance sparkle more as well as its durability.

Clarity Tips  For Your  Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Since the table of emerald cut is large, inclusions will be easily seen. The pavilion and crown are shallow and which makes the inclusions more visible to the naked eye. A VS2 clarity grade is recommended for this cut since inclusions of this grade are rarely noticeable.  

Color Tips  For Your  Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

When it comes to color, D to I color grade is ideal since these are colorless and nearly colorless. Just like clarity colors are visible on emerald cut diamonds because of their large tablet. The yellowish shade on the diamonds with color grades J to Z will be obvious so better go for the colorless to nearly colorless shades. 

Carat Weight and Size  For Your  Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Each Carat weight would have ideal size, getting advice from your jeweler will be best since they are experts in this field and they can give more details about it. For instance, 0.5 carat is 6.0 mm and 1.0 carat is 7.0 mm. 

The bigger the better as always but this will depend on the design you have in mind.

Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring might be pricey but it will be worth it once your partner says “yes” to your proposal. Getting an engagement ring is a must for people who plan to get married. This ring will be a symbol of your willingness to commit to a lifelong marriage, therefore a pricey engagement ring should not be an issue. What matters most is how you can make your partner happy during your engagement day, women love diamonds and that’s a fact.  Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Dallas Jewelry stores are waiting for you, visit these stores and start canvassing for your future engagement ring so you will be ready whatever the price would be. The earlier the better as they say.