April 19, 2024


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Tips for Choosing a Necklace According to the Neckline of the Shirt to Look Stunning

Necklaces for Necklines: How to Choose the Perfect Necklace for Your D

To beautify the appearance, usually not only by wearing clothes that fit and suit the body, but also by complementing it with accessories. One of the mainstay accessories for women to make their appearance more stunning is to add gold necklace accessories. But, to make it even better, Sahabat Emas cannot just choose a necklace model. Choosing a gold necklace model must match the shape of the neckline of your friend’s shirt. Here are some tips that Friends of Emas can apply to choose a gold necklace model that matches your collar.


For those of you who like to wear shirts to dress up, you can beautify your appearance by wearing a necklace. Friends can choose a necklace with a simple but sweet model that is beautified with a small rocky pendant. Paracord is reference for you to look beautiful.


If you like to wear a turtleneck collar, your appearance will be even more beautiful when combined with a long necklace that hangs down. The use of a long necklace will make the appearance more stylish and also help the body look proportional.


Who doesn’t like wearing a Sabrina collared dress? It is undeniable that the Sabrina collared clothing is able to make a woman’s appearance more stunning, sweet, sexy but also elegant. However, your appearance will be more maximal and stunning if you don’t just leave your neck empty. Complete with gold necklace jewelry to decorate your neck. Friends of Gold can choose a necklace with any model. But for maximum results, choose a gold necklace that can be wrapped many times around your neck.


Sweetheart collared clothing is often worn to give the wearer a feminine impression. Usually this sweetheart collar model is worn when attending a party. Well, to maximize your appearance at the party, complete it by wearing a gold necklace to decorate your neck, best friend. Sweetheart collared dress, perfect to match with simple big pendant necklaces, edgy, ethnic style necklaces, necklaces with big chains or stacked beads.