What Clothes and Shoes to Wear to Dance Class - City Academy

Want to take part in a dance competition but confused about choosing a costume? Check out the following tips:

Adjust it to the song or music that will be sung.

Isn’t it okay if you want to dance the song is biting but the costume is a dress and too girly? timonycouture.com is recommendation for you to get option!

Adjust it to the initial concept of your group

It’s easy like this, from the beginning your group concept is fresh n’ girly, then look for simple, catchy, and modern costumes. Mix and match white t-shirts with colorful hotpants (members differ in color from one another, but the t-shirt remains the same color so as not to confuse the eyes of the viewer). Use accessories such as handbands, belts that are worn around the waist (not inserted into the belt holder in the pants), hair loose or in a ponytail, etc.

Adjust the color

Do not let the color of the clothes you wear too collide. Since a group consists of several people, it is better to wear matching colors. For example, a white top, colorful bottoms, or wear dark purple, red and dark pink, or preferably one color uniform, etc.

Clothing that is too cumbersome

Dance requires a lot of movement. And so that you can look optimal and comfortable, avoid wearing clothes or accessories that are too complicated and excessive so you don’t feel hot when you wear them.

In addition to the 4 points above, of course, must be supported by a good appearance too. Check your make up, excessive or just right. Remember, the 2012 make-up trend is a natural look. Don’t even look like Jeng Kellin. Haha

Take care of our skin health. Don’t let the performance fit, your body and facial skin doesn’t look fresh. Of course this will reduce our performance points.