March 5, 2024


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Tips for Choosing Gold Jewelry

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So that you are not deceived when you want a gold chain bracelet jewelry transaction, it’s good to learn about gold jewelry. Let’s look at the tips in choosing gold jewelry together.

Physical Condition

Keep in mind, gold jewelry is not completely pure gold. Gold is a soft metal, so the higher the gold content, the worse and prone to damage. so, in its manufacture, gold must be mixed with other metals to make it moldable and durable.

For this reason, gold jewelry with a content of 24 carat must be treated with caution in its use and care. Usually the gold that is suitable for jewelry is gold which has a content of 75%. While the carat value is between 18-22 carats. This combination is the most perfect to maintain the shape of the gold jewelry itself.

Gold Type

Gold has several types, there are yellow, red, and also white. White gold itself has various types which were originally made from a mixture of gold, tin, and nickel. The purchase price of white gold is also more expensive than yellow gold of the same grade and weight. However, the resale price of white gold has fallen in value because there is a fairly high cost discount. But like any kind of gold, the basic material is still the same metal even though the mixture is different.

Jewelry Model

Because it is called a fashion product, of course the models and designs of gold chain bracelets vary according to market trends. The latest models and designs always have a high price. However, as a consumer, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the new and old models. Especially if you buy it at a roadside gold shop.

This is why the price of gold jewelry does not have standardization. Each gold shop has a different estimated value. If you want gold jewelry for investment, choose a design that is simple but not out of date. That way when resold the price does not change.

Pay attention to the size of the bracelet

When you want to buy a bracelets, you definitely want to use it, right? So make sure you pay attention to the size, does it fit your wrist? Are you an active person? Does your style tend to be casual? This can be a reference in finding the type and size of gold jewelry.

Avoid not buying jewelry with a size that is too tight because it can interfere with blood circulation. Also don’t be too loose to prevent the jewelry from falling off or falling off. For those of you with large arms, look for a bracelet that is thick enough to match the size of the arm. Conversely, for small sleeves, look for bracelets that have a rather large diameter but still fit. Meanwhile, for those who have standard and full sleeves, you can wear a rather thin bracelet.

So, before you buy a gold chain bracelet as an investment as well as gold jewelry, you must really understand the tips described above, so that your investment will not be in vain and remain profitable.