March 5, 2024


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Tips for Choosing the Right Jewelry for Everyday

6 Amazing Tips For Choosing Jewelry For Everyday / Day

Not everyone wears jewelry every day, some of them are still hesitant to choose the right jewelry and are afraid that their appearance will look too much. There are also those who only use jewelry when attending formal events.

Not a few think that jewelry will give an elegant impression only when combined with formal clothes. There’s nothing wrong with that thought, but actually Mustard Seed Jewelery from Seeding Faith can also support your everyday appearance.

Jewelry can serve to complement everyday outfits , from appearances to the office or just hanging out at the mall . 

The development of the fashion industry makes the jewelry industry also develop. Styles, materials, to the price of jewelry are already diverse and can be adjusted to the personality and activities of the user. Then, how to choose (buy and use) the right jewelry for daily activities? Check out the following tips

If the budget is limited, prioritize buying earrings first

If you have to choose between bracelets, necklaces or earrings, choose to buy earrings first. Because earrings are the most eye-catching jewelry . Whether short or long hair, when talking to other people, the face is the part that will be the main concern. So using earrings is the right thing. Earrings are round and small can fit into any daily activity.

For Hijabers, the jewelry that can be chosen is a ring

For women who wear hijab, it can be difficult to choose the right jewelry for everyday use. Using cncin can be the solution. Even so, it is advisable not to use a ring on the ring finger. The ring is better to wear on the index or middle finger. If you feel comfortable, you can follow the trend by using two rings at once on the ring finger. For consideration, using a ring on the ring finger is reserved for women who are engaged or married.

Must know what to highlight

Remember, it is recommended not to use brooch if you are already wearing a necklace. Don’t wear a big ring when you’re wearing a big one. Although the aim is to make the appearance stand out more, when using jewelry there must still be one point to focus on. Especially for daily activities. One thing that is important, do not be lazy to linger to see the appearance in the glass. Because when we look in the mirror we can see how someone views our appearance.