October 3, 2023


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Top 6 Autumn/Winter Fashion Trends 2022

The Top 6 Autumn/Winter 2021/2022 Trends Inspired - Fibre2Fashion

It is nearly time for dark nights, rainy days and frost in the air as Autumn and Winter are right around the corner. Not only do we get to indulge in all the cosiness the seasons bring, but now is the time to upgrade our wardrobe ready for the change to hit us. Every year we see new styles, and treasured old pieces come back time and time again. One thing that we can say is we always do it better every year. Autumn weather fashion is designed for layering till your heart’s content, or for the skin showing fashionistas that can brave the cold, the choices are still limitless. There are a few key pieces and styles to zoom in from what has been seen as the Autumn/ winter fashion shows across the globe.

The oversized blazer

The undisputed style contender for the last few years has been the oversized blazer trend. If you haven’t hopped on this train yet, it is not too late to get your hands on some autumn fashion points. Not only can this be worn in your everyday, girl-boss working environment, but styling one in the evening with some stiletto heels and patterned tights shows an oversized blazer is the epitome of staple fashion trends. 


It seems that we are stepping out of the norm this year. Every year we zoom in on the autumnal, neutral colours and just replicate everything in 5 shades of autumnal brown. Not this year. This season, we are keeping it bold and bright. Fluorescent shades of everything is going to be this year’s unpredictable trend but we love it. When the nights are dark, why should our clothes be the same? It’s Barbiecore galore this autumn, so if you are open to it, try out this style on your first winter night out. Try out a mini fluorescent pink dress, and get ready for the praise.

Corset compliment 

Unsurprisingly, even with their dainty nature, the corset trend is following us into the winter seasons. With all the different styles and colours that are already available, there is still a lot to explore in terms of pairing outfits with corsets. It will be interesting to see how layering will complement the corset style, and even corset coat styles are emerging to give the cinched look even with the number of layers.

Chunky accessories

Following the layering theme, our jewellery choices shouldn’t be any different. Complimenting your style this autumn season with chunky earrings ,layering necklaces and rings will give you that put together look whilst keeping it glamorous. Going for colourful pieces and keeping it festive and blinging with a diamond ruby ring or an emerald ring can pull any look together. Focusing on the details such as these will make your autumn wardrobe differ from the rest.

Longline coats 

Practicality is an important focus as it always is when it gets colder, and having a big winter coat will come as a given. Each year we see different coat styles, but a staple you should have in your wardrobe for staying on trend is a longline puffer jacket. Some call it the coat of football managers, but we are taking this style into our own hands this season. Keeping warm can also be trendy, and going for longline coats is not only durable and protective, but people will be jealous of how toasty you are!

Sparkle season 

It comes as a given to see sequins and sparkles back on the radar as we slowly enter christmas party season. We are going to see glimmer and shine on all occasions this winter coming, so you should make sure you have the right pieces to stun the crowds. Mini skirts are on the rise, metaphorically and literally after their popularity surge this summer. Adopting a glittery skirt into one of your evening outfits, maybe even with the corset top as suggested previously will give the autumn glam everyone is looking for.