Do you want to transform your dining room by using a stunning crystal chandelier? Or are you looking for the right kind of lighting fixture for staircase or foyer? Or do you want to just make any other room of your home more attractive by using a perfect lighting fixture?

One most popular crystal types of chandelier light used by Sofary in the chandelier construction is K9 crystal, which is sometimes also referred to as K9 glass. The “K” letter is referred to the German word used for “crown” (Krone) and number 9 is referred to the lead content used in the glass that is 9%. 

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The history behind crystal glass

If you look at the history of crystal glass then you will find that it is closely linked to the room chandelier development. Originally, chandeliers were candle holders, and people used to hang them from the ceiling for illuminating a room and at the same time reduce any risk of fire.

During the late 17th century, people invented glass prism and the process of producing glass was quite easy and relatively cheap too. On the other hand, obtaining a real rock crystal was a bit difficult process as that had to be first mined and then to be processed. 

Therefore, new chandelier models were soon produced where the glass was used, and this glass was hand-cut and polished to offer different angles and shapes to increase the candle power light. 

Today, many different designs and style of crystals are used to make a chandelier light. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Swarovski crystals  

It is manufactured by Swarovski AG that is in the Austrian Alps and available in several sizes, colors, and shapes. Generally, it is machine cut and polished for achieving the perfect optic clarity, razor-sharp faceting, and also unique purity and brilliance. 

  1. Spectra crystal

Swarovski AG is also the manufacturer of this Spectra crystal glass, which is generally less expensive as compared to other Swarovski crystals. You can find Spectra crystal only in limited shapes and sizes.

  1. Gemcut crystals 

This crystal is one of the first quality crystal glass, which is machine cut and is having clarity and flawlessness that is far beyond any industry standards. Gemcut crystal is characterized by its visual purity, prismatic brilliance, precise polishing, sharp faceting, and precise polishing.

  1. Turkish crystal 

This type of crystal was produced centuries back, which is quite a labor-intensive process. Grinding of the glass takes place in several stages with sandstone grinding wheels then a wood wheel with marble dust.  

  1. Venetian crystal 

This type of crystal comes from Venice and has its own individual look and feel. Venetian crystal is first molded and then fire-polished instead of hand or machine-cut, which produces a beautifully subtle luminosity. 

  1. K9 crystal

Since it is mass-produced, hence this type of crystal offers a uniform look and available at a modest price. As it is polished and cut like more expensive grades and therefore it has a very high optic quality having precision facets.