May 20, 2024


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Understand Tips for Choosing Glasses for Woman

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Glasses for Your Face: Eye See Ravenswood:  Optometrists

Glasses is now an accessory that enhances the appearance, more than the actual function. The appearance of someone who used to be ordinary becomes extraordinary when wearing the right glasses. Men and women are very different in choosing glasses. It is true that there are many unisex glasses to choose from, but still there are some differences between the two.

The main difference lies in the size of the frame. The bone structure of the male head is larger than that of the female, so the bridge of the male eyeglasses is longer than that of the female. Therefore, information on how to choose glasses according to the shape of the face is needed so that the appearance is more attractive.

Considerations When Choosing Glasses

You must have been around looking for and trying on various glasses. The only way to find glasses that fit your face is to pay attention to a number of considerations such as the following explanation:


Price is not the main consideration for someone choosing glasses. However, the price undeniably reflects the quality of an item. Glasses are used long term, especially those of you who really have nearsightedness and are required to wear glasses throughout the activity. Avoid buying glasses at a price that is too cheap, because the price is often directly proportional to the quality.


There are glasses frame materials made from metal, plastic, to gold and silver. Choose glasses that use quality materials, are not easily broken, not easily scratched, so you don’t need to replace them often. Ask the seller more about the eyewear material you choose. Remember, it is not only the model that is important, but also the quality of the material.

Lens Size

Of course, you should have your eyes checked before buying new glasses. The goal is to produce a precise and precise lens size for your vision. Users of permanent glasses must have a certain size based on the results of a doctor’s examination. You have to tell the seller the size of this lens when you want to buy glasses. The size of the lens is related to the type of material used for the lens.

Face Shape and Size

Haircuts may change, but the shape of the face will never change. Men with round faces, for example, need to disguise their face shape with the right sunglasses for women. Tips for choosing glasses according to the shape of a man’s face are certainly not the same as women. It is important for you to adjust the shape and size of the glasses to the condition of your face so that they look right when wearing them.

Fashion Appearance

Glasses can make your appearance stand out more when paired with the right clothes. Women with hijab certainly have different considerations when choosing glasses with women who don’t. There is an art in choosing glasses to perfect your appearance. The size of the glasses for a small face with a hijab is certainly not the same as the owner of a wide face who wears a hijab.